Mould Solutions advise choosing the right ventilation key in preventing mould

Ventilation is the process of renewing indoor air to maintain good air quality.

Ventilation is important in order to breathe in fresh air to replenish oxygen levels, breathe out the stale air to evacuate CO2, excess humidity and pollutants in the same process.

Therefore ventilation is a 2-way flow of air (fresh air in, stale air out).

The key roles of ventilation are to reduce indoor pollutants concentrations to a healthy level by extracting and diluting stale air with clean air from outside – Mould Solutions core drill into your property to fit proper vents to each room. Core drilling is where we use a specialised tool to create a hole into the external wall of your property. We then fit a louvre vent to cover the hole on the inside and same on the outside, an exterior louvre vent. All rooms in your home should have adequate vents, from the bathroom vent, to bedroom vent to living room and kitchen vents. Permavents fixed into your windows are not always enough to provide adequate ventilation.

Reduce excessive air humidity levels by extracting it when and where is is produced, typically in bathrooms with showers and in kitchens when cooking. Mould Solutions install timed extractor fans to your bathroom, these are fit for purpose fans aimed at extracting moisture from the air. This also reduces condensation which can residue on windows in the room.  Kitchens generate a lot of moisture from cooking, we  can supply and install ducting from your cooker extractor fan to the exterior wall, it is important that this ducting is terminating in the correct place. However options for this can vary for apartments as a lot of management companies do not allow holes drilled in the building so there are other options for passive ventilation available in these situations.

Ventilation imagePrinciples for choosing the right ventilation

When planning your ventilation strategy you need to aim for achieving the right balance between the following requirements:

Little mould 2Provide sufficient air renewal to achieve good indoor air quality (IAQ)
Little mould 2Reduce heat losses associated with the air flow during cold seasons – external cold air typically displaces internal warm air.
Little mould 2Reduce capital costs (renovation etc) and ongoing maintenance costs
Little mould 2Keep it simple and easy to operate
Little mould 2Mould Solutions can advise you on the best ventilation options for your property.

Controlling condensation and mould

The main ways of controlling condensation and mould include:

Little mould 2Ventilation
Little mould 2Heating
Little mould 2Insulation
Little mould 2Removal


Ventilation is essential in keeping mould from forming in your property.

Some tips to remember are:

Open windows and doors regularly to aerate the property and reduce humidity levels.

Install and use exhaust fans that are vented to the outside air in bathrooms and kitchen while cooking as this can eliminate much of the moisture that builds up from everyday activities and do not cover existing vents in rooms.

Keep the air circulating – open a window !


When it comes to your heating, always remember this simple tips;

Little mould 2 Aim to keep indoor moisture as low as possible in your property by using dry heaters or dehumidifiers if necessary
Little mould 2Maintain low constant heat when weather is cold or wet. It is better for your property to keep continuous balanced heating as opposed to short blasts of heat.
Little mould 2Ensure your bathroom has adequate heating
Little mould 2Insulate hot and cold surfaces such as water pipes

Removing mould

Always eradicate mould when it occurs. It is harder to remove it the longer it is in situ. Mould Solutions will anti-fungicide the entire affected area for you too. Do not dry brush the area as this releases spores into the air which spread the mould further and as well as this it can cause an allergic reactions and health issues for some people.

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