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Moving house?



Mould and damp issues are often concealed with a lick of paint, but if the underlying

problem isn’t resolved; it won’t be long before the mould returns. It is not too difficult for a seller to disguise a mould problem, there are a huge range of home air fresheners available from scented candles to reed diffusers and room sprays.

Keep your eyes peeled for, water marks on walls (particularly recent-looking stains), or musty smells (particularly in bathrooms, kitchens or other areas with plumbing).


Mould Solutions mould under the sink
Mould lurking behind the cupboard under the  sink 


Here are some common places in a home where mould is likely to take hold:


#1 around leaking pipes, windows, or roofs (the constant supply of water gives mould spores ideal conditions to thrive)


#2 tightly sealed buildings (common with new construction and newly fitted windows). This may appear to be a good thing; however it can lead to excess water becoming trapped inside.


#3 homes with poor ventilation, over-watered plants, and housekeeping habits including ignoring dampness and not opening windows.


Mould lurking at the back of a cupboard

Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a secondhand car without a mechanic giving it the once over, however a huge amount of people don’t get a survey done prior to purchasing a house.

The idea that potential buyers may walk blindly into what is probably the biggest purchase of their life shows a peculiar lack of concern for their personal finances.

This lack of concern may possibly be based on the false assumption that the valuation report supplied to the bank to secure a mortgage is confirmation that the property is sound, and in good condition.

This however is not the case. The bank’s concern is solely that the valuation of the property is accurate and likely to withstand the elements for the duration of the mortgage term.


For the sake of a few hundred euros, getting an independent survey done could be the best money you’ll ever spend.

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