Top Tips from Mould Solutions on getting your home Winter Ready!


Read on for our Top Tips for Mould Prevention and Removal from Mould Solutions

So  Winter  is well and truly upon us and in preparation for the cold and wet weather ahead, here are a few top tips from Mould Solutions on how to prepare your home to prevent water damage or mould growth that may come with the cold days ahead. Landlords also take note and talk to your tenants on checking their properties if you have not already.

#1 Remove any debris or leaves from your gutters and check them regularly for damage. Failure to do so can lead to leaks in your roof which is a major cause of mould build up in the home.

#2  Check window reveals  and cupboards for any signs of mould growth.  Mould can grow quite quickly especially if it’s given a warm moist environment which would be the case in most homes during the Winter.

#3 Check your attic to ensure that there is adequate insulation and ventilation.  This will keep your home toasty throughout the Winter and prevent the growth of mould.

#4  Leaks in the roof can cause mould. A roof that leaks into the attic might not be discovered until it has already led to mould growth.  Check the attic regularly for leaks and keep an eye on the ceiling below the attic.

#5 Drying clothes indoors on clothes lines or stands can cause humidity issues. Not only does high humidity feed mould, but it also means that damp materials in the house take longer to dry out. These damp surfaces can create mould growth of their own. Mould can become airborne and grow on not only bricks and mortar but also any textiles and furnishings in your home.

So follow these tips and get your home Winter Ready!

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