The nose knows. When you’re at home and something smells off, don’t disregard it. The most obvious smell that should set off alarm bells is if you notice the rotten-egg smell of natural gas. This smell could indicate a gas leak, which could cause a fire or an explosion. Vacate the house immediately and call Gas Networks Ireland’s 24 Hour Emergency Service on 1800 20 50 50.

Why does my house smell of sewage?

Another smell to be aware of is when a bathroom/toilet has a strong sewage odour which could indicate a blocked pipe in the toilet or under the sink or shower. You may need a plumber’s assistance to get rid of the blockage. If a bathroom is unused or isn’t used regularly,  water in the pipes can evaporate letting odours through. Flushing water through the drain should rectify this.

Why does my house smell musty?

A musty smell can make your home feel slightly unpleasant and not very welcoming for guests.  A musty smell can have several causes, but the most common one is the growth of Mould or Mildew.

Improved ventilation in your home to circulate the air more can help to reduce the the smell, but in order to stop the smell from returning, you will need to address the cause, which is the mould

Why does my house smell of fish?

Fishy smells in your home aren’t just indicative of having cooked fish for dinner. The smell may be coming from frayed wires, overloaded circuits, or a number of other issues that would need to be addressed quickly and correctly or they could result in a fire.

Why does my house smell of rotten cabbage?

If you notice a smell of rotten cabbage or ammonia, a rodent may have got into the walls, attic or crawlspaces and died

Why does my house smell of smoke?

If you smell smoke, there may be a fire, but once you rule that out, there may be other issues including a potential fire hazard. The occasional whiff of smoke could mean that a wire is smouldering somewhere unseen behind the walls. Call a professional to help trace the source of the smell.

Using these odour-identifying tips will hopefully prevent you from facing long-term problems or an emergency situation. If you need help identifying and eradicating a mould or damp issue, get in touch

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