What Will My Air Vents Look Like?

There are many questions that arise in connection with air vents.

We will tackle a number of the most important ones regarding air vents, including:

What will my air vents look like?

At Mould Solutions, this question arises again and again for us.

So you’ve figured out that you need more air vents in your home.

What will they look like?

At Mould Solutions use a specialised tool to core drill into the external wall of your property to fit a natural vent hole to the room, also known as a passive vent, as a result, the vent is visible from the inside and the outside of the house. Typically the hole is between 100 – 150mm in diameter.

We then insert a uPVC pipe into the void to bridge the thermal gap.

Air Vent Hole

A moulded louvre vent cover is fitted and secured to the face of the wall. This vent cover is permanently open, it is not designed to be closed (like a hit and miss vent cover), so as to ensure it is doing as it is designed to do, allow adequate air flow.

Air Vent

What will my air vent look like on the outside of the house?

Externally we also fit a louvre vent cover as per the picture below.

Vent Cover

Is installing a vent in a house a messy job?

We drill from the inside out, leaving little to no mess or dust. The core, or long piece of concrete, comes out in one solid piece, like a cylinder of concrete. It is a dry drilling system, as opposed to some systems that drill from the exterior using a water based system, this can get quite messy for the homeowner.

External Vent Hole

How many air vents do I need in my house?

In general the size of your house will determine the amount of vents you will need. For starters every room in your home from the bathroom to the bedrooms, living areas and kitchen all need at least one air vent.

Should you block up air vents?

The short answer is “no”, you definitely should not.  Air vents are there to provide a necessary free flow of air.


How does the installation of vents impact your home?

  • Vents provide an optimal supply of fresh air which allows for a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupants
  • They minimise the risk of condensation in the area
  • They provide adequate air supply so you can safely operate fuel burning appliances

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