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Mould treatment and removal with Mould Solutions

Mould Solutions was formed following years of coming across mould in various properties. We then realised the importance of mould treatment for your property.

It is becoming an increasing problem here in Ireland due to our damp climate and new methods of construction.

At Mould Solutions we will remove and kill any mould in your property and advise you on the best way forward for to prevent reoccurrence.
We also install vents to rooms that don’t have existing adequate ventilation and can look after all of your internal insulation. These are core drilled to the external wall and finished internally with louvre vents.

Mould is a damaging fungal growth.

In the right conditions of dampness, darkness and poor ventilation it grows in homes.

This occurs especially in bathrooms, kitchens, walls, timber, carpet, basements, furniture and furnishings.

These all harbour mould if they remain damp for a long period of time.

Mould treatment is essential in keeping these areas clean and preventing any future growth and Mould Solutions are the experts in helping you with this.

Mould Treatment

At Mould Solutions, we will anti – fungicide the entire affected area then scrub the area carefully until no mould or mould stains remain.

Finally, with our specific mould solutions we will wipe the surface down to remove any residual mould and spores.

In doing this, we have treated the area, but we also give the added advantage of advising you on the best preventative measures to keep same at bay.

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