Mould Removal

Mould Removal

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Mould Solutions will remove and eradicate all mould from your property caused by damp conditions.

What is mould?

Mould is a form of fungus which breaks down dead material. Our homes offer the ideal conditions for it to grow – that is, dampness, moisture, warm air, and then feeding materials such as wood, carpet, and dust.

Mould and mildew are both caused by condensation and high levels of moisture in the air. Condensation, one of the most significant contributors of mould, often forms in the bathroom; one of the steamiest rooms in the home. If condensation isn’t the culprit, then rising damp, a more severe issue could be to blame.

Once we help you understand why mould grows, then controlling it is generally very simple once the initial infestation has been removed correctly. We locate the source and fix it.

Living in damp conditions can be very stressful and added to that, the effects of it on your property. Having developed our mould removal method using specialist anti-fungicide to kill the bacteria and discourage future growth of mould or mildew, we also advise on further prevention of reoccurrence.

It is not advised to use household cleaning products to attempt to kill the bacteria as a mould remover or to brush the mould off a surface. Brushing it or disturbing the mould will agitate the spores and make them airborne and therefore likely to spread and form further mould. Its best to call a mould removal expert. Household products like bleach may clean the area, but unfortunately they won’t kill mould growth. Bleach has a high pH level which makes it ineffective for killing mould. It simply colours it, so it looks like it has disappeared and the problem will return sooner rather than later.

This is why we recommend you call the experts here at Mould Solutions.

What will Mould Solutions do for you?

Call out / Inspection


Our Technician will call to your property to conduct a visual inspection to begin with to determine the extent of the mould contamination. We will firstly discuss with you your concerns and any history of the property such as if there maybe any previous or current water leaks or water ingress we should know about. Regular queries to us from clients include terms such as “mould in my house”, “black mould”, “mould on bedroom ceiling” and so on and they are looking for a mould specialist to solve their mould issues. Once on site we will then commence the assessment by moisture testing the surfaces to determine any underlying moisture issues that can’t be seen with a naked eye. Once we have identified that damage and cause, we email the findings to you and scope of works with recommendations to remediate the property. We cover all areas of Leinster, to include Dublin, and Munster, Ulster and Connaught.


As part of our service we will advise you of the steps that are important to stop any further moisture or water ingress to help stop mould growth. This may include such things as roof leaks, burst pipes, leaking pipes, leaking windows, failed waterproofing etc. Each customer will need a specific course of action for mould removal based on their situation, so the specifics of each job will be arranged once the initial inspection is complete.


Our mould removal process has 3 steps.

  • We spray the affected area using our specially formulated mould removal solution. Where mould is present we treat the entire room, not just any visible mould, this is because spores can be present on other surfaces but not necessarily visible to the naked eye.
  • Once the room is sprayed, we leave our product work by killing the mould. The colours gradually go from black to brown to yellow to clear, ensuring all spores have been killed. It is worth noting if the room is badly affected and stained with mould prior to treatment we cannot guarantee it will clear any staining, painting may be required following treatment.
  • For the final part of the process we wash down the entire area and leave the room clean and mould free. We then supply guidelines on how best to keep mould at bay, mould may return at any point, these merely help prevent a re-occurrence.

Mould solutions carry out mould removal in Dublin and all of Ireland and we offer our services to both the residential and commercial sector.

Let damp conditions causing mould be a thing of the past

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