Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently regarding Mould Solutions.

There is a fee for all inspections.  Our fee covers travel to and from your property along with our expert advice and guidance to the issues you are having in your property.

Mould Solutions cover all regions in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The good news is our service means you are not too inconvenienced. For any cores holes, roof vent tiles and extractor fans you can remain at home. In relation to Mould Treatment we ask that you are not in the room where we are treating and we keep windows open in the property to air and ventilate while we are there.

As with any works being carried out in your home or business, should someone be particularly sensitive to some noise or odours we ask that you let us know in advance and we can recommend alternative arrangements.

If you have a damp/mould issue in your home, you are more likely to already have or, to develop respiratory problems. It can also have an adverse affect on the immune system.  This is bad news for anyone’s lungs, but it is very dangerous for vulnerable people with an underlying condition like asthma.

For more information see our Blog on effects of mould on health

Mould is a living organism that occurs naturally, there is currently no way to 100% guarantee that mould will not return to your indoor environment. To combat this, following treatment with Mould Solutions we give you a Mould Prevention Plan.  This plan outlines the steps needed to best keep your property mould free. We recommend to keep moisture levels as low as possible in the property so mould is not given the right conditions to grow. Mould Solutions leave your home mould free and leave guidelines on how to keep the mould away.

We use a high spec drilling system, this is a dry drilling system and we drill from the inside out ensuring there is little to no mess, we often say there is more mess from drilling a hole to hang a picture.

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