We all like a before and after image and here are some mould removal examples.

Mould on a bathroom ceiling. We treated a bathroom  which, as you can see is quite badly infected with mould.

Mould Solutions don’t just treat the area affected, we treat the entire room. This is because mould spores are invisible to the naked eye, but are typically present on other surfaces in the room.

We always advise not to wipe or attempt to clean mould yourself as it becomes airbourne and it spreads, this is what Mould loves to do!

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Slide the orange lines left or right on the pictures below to see the before & after results of removal of mould on a bathroom ceiling.

bathroom ceiling mould removalclean walls mould solutions
ceiling of bathroom has mould what to dotreating a ceiling for mould
bathroom celing mould peeling paintrepair ceiling with mould and remove it forever

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