Not Many People Realise How Badly Fitted Insulation Can Cause Mould To Form

Not many people realise how badly fitting insulation can cause mould to form. In this particular case you can see that the insulation in the attic space doesn’t reach the corner of the eaves properly. This in turn has caused a cold spot which has resulted in mould forming in the room below. As we all tend to use our attic space for storage, we can inadvertently moved loose insulation unknown to ourselves while putting things into and taking things out of our attic.
Insulating your attic effectively will keep warm air in the main area of the house. Your attic will remain cold as a result. As long as it is dry up there, this shouldn’t cause any issues if you’re only going up every now and then to grab a box.

Problems arise when moisture gets into the attic area and as you can see in this example it is exactly what happened.

Damp can set in and lead to mould, which can be tricky to get rid of.

The idea of insulation is to seal the inside of your home so that there are no cold spots where heat can escape to, which turns into a spot for moisture to form and create condensation and cause mould to form.

In this case, Mould Solutions treated the existing mould in the property and repaired the loose insulation in the attic. We hope this has helped you understand how badly fitted insulation can cause mould to form.

We recommend checking your attic space to ensure all insulation is fitted correctly & neatly. To find out more about our mould removal process click here

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