What is Core Drilling?

Core drilling is where we use a specialised tool to create a hole into the external wall of a building. We then fit a louvre vent to cover the hole on the inside and same on the outside (an exterior louvre vent). These vent covers are permanently open and designed to continually allow air to circulate.

Should you have vents in every room in your home?

All rooms in your home should have adequate vents, from the bathroom vent, to bedroom vent to living room and kitchen vents. Permavents fixed into your windows are not always enough to provide adequate ventilation.

What are the benefits of having Vents in your house?

  • Vents provide an adequate supply of fresh air for a comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants
  • They provide adequate air-flow for the safe operation of certain types of fuel-burning appliances
  • Installing Vents reduces the risk of condensation in an area in your home
  • Vents reduce the accumulation of radon and other dangerous gases in the home

What is Mould Solutions core drilling process?

It is important to note that the installation of a drilled wall vent should not be attempted without the requisite skills and equipment. A properly constructed work platform is hugely important. The reason for this is because the force generated by core drilling can easily overpower the user and lead to serious injury.

  • Mould Solutions system drills from the inside out. We create very little or no dust during the process.
  • We use a dry drilling system
  • Typically, a hole between 112mm – 150mm in diameter is drilled using a core drill to the exterior wall. (size dependant on requirement)
  • We then install a uPVC pipe insert inside the hole to the cavity.
  • Louvre vent covers (permanently open) are fitted and secured to the wall both internally and externally.

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